The 22nd of October the new Danish movie Madklubben will premiere ind Danish cinemas.

The Tivoli Varieté

The Tivoli Varieté with Rasmus Botoft in Tivoli Copenhagen. Glassalen fra 16.-19. september.
A celebration to art and love.

Badehotellet season 7

Rasmus stars as Johan Ramsing in the 7th season of the TV Series Badehotellet. TV2 Denmark premiere on 27. th januar 2020.

Great reviews to the SVEJK team

Rasmus Botoft plays the title role in Svejk at the Nørrebro Theater and thanks for the great reviews and thanks director Peter Schrøder for the opportunity. 

Rytteriet back in Tivoli 2019

Rytteriet returns to Glassalen after the succes in the early spring this year. Shows were sold out and many didn't get the opportunity to see the show for themselves. 

The show returns the 27th of March and plays until the 17th of April.


Rasmus stars as Svejk in Svejk

Svejk premieres the 27th of September at Nørrebro Theater with Rasmus in the title role. 

For tickets and more information please visit:

Europe's biggest outdoor theater play

Rasmus is starring in 'Red Worm' (Røde Orm) right now in Aarhus.
Europe's biggest outdoor theater experience. A wild viking fairytale. Rasmus plays Wilibald who tries to keep the wild aggressive vikings down. 


TV premiere on Mercury

Rasmus plays Torben Stenbæk in the 10 episodes of 
TV-2 Charlie's new TV-Show Mercury. 
It portraits the Danish pirate radio boat Mercury in the 50's. 
Swinging radio, tweat & rock'n'roll. 

Nominations from the Danish Film Academy

Rasmus is nominated for the Danish Academy Award ''The Robert'' for Best Actor in a TV-Show for his various roles in ''The Cavalry Christmas'' which he also wrote with his partner in crime Martin Buch who's also in for the run for the award!

The Cavalry Christmas is nominated for Best Short Format TV-Show and actress Bodil Jørgensen is nominated as Best Supporting Acress also for the show.

A huge thanks to The Danish Film Academy and our collegues. 

Winners will be found the 5th of February. 

The picture shows us winning Best Short Format  TV-Show for The Cavalry 2 back in 2014.

Swinger reviews

The coming of age comedy 'Swinger' are to be found in Danish cinemas.
Danish critics describes the film as 'a thoughtful and funny experiment'.´, 'Hillarious' and 'a daring pearl and a must watch for all Danes because it really deserves an audience'.

Trailer: Youtube Link

Swinger premiere 

The 22nd of September director Mikkel Munch-Fals' new feature Swinger hits the theaters.
Rasmus Botoft plays Jørgen.

Trailer: Swinger Trailer

Rasmus Botoft in German TV-Movie

Rasmus plays Mads Søborg in Ein Sommer in Dänemark. 
In the picture seen with co-star Sandra Borgmann.

Expected premiere on ZDF in 2017.

The Reumert Awards

Botoft, Stokholm and Jørgensen hosts The Reumert  Awards.

The show takes place in The Opera and will be shown live on DRK.

My 50/50 life

Rasmus starres in The Danish Broadcasting Corporation's new mini series about the struggles children with a life shared between two divorced parents have to go through. My 50/50 life is scheduled to air the 24th of March.

The Cavalry news

The Cavalry are joining forces yet again. They are working on a script scheduled to be shot in autumn for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

The snobs Poul & Fritz will visit the political meeting in Allinge at Bornholm the 16th to 18th of June to go through the past year in politics with their satirical edge.

The Christmas Wish

Stills from the Danish Christmas TV-Series 'Juleønsket'. Rasmus played the evil demon Balios (Framegrabs, TV-2).

Shooting the TV-Series 'While we squeeze the lemon'

Rasmus just finished shooting the TV-Series 'While we squeeze the lemon'. A new short format TV-Series for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The series is written by the talented actor & scriptwriter Lisbeth Wulff and premieres the 6th of December.

Shooting of the feature 'Swinger'

Rasmus and his wife Lisbeth stars in the upcoming feature 'Swingers' directed by Mikkel Munch-Fals. 
Scheduled to premiere in September 2016.

Ærø by night.

The Cavalry 2 Live on tour

The Cavalry Live 2 has been acclaimed by both critics and fans at The Bellevue Theater and are now preparing a tour through Denmark.
Buy your ticket at 

Find Tulle & Else's teaser for the show at the following link:

Humans being ate

Rasmus starts as the son in law Malthe in director Erik Clausen's highly expected new feature.
Premiere in Danish cinemas the 26th of February 2015. 

My sister's kids and the gold diggers

Rasmus stars as Uncle Erik in the new feature 'My sister's children and the gold diggers'.
Premieres in Danish cinemas the 5th of February 2015.


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